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Real Estate Devlopment

Real estate development is a multifaceted and complex process that requires the right team, resources, and strategy to be successful. At Fullwiler Construction, we have been involved real estate developments for years, and we understand the challenges and opportunities that come with it.

Real estate development involves various stages, including land acquisition, feasibility studies, zoning, planning and design, construction, marketing, and management. Each of these stages requires a unique set of skills and expertise to execute effectively.

Here are the key steps that must taken during a development project: Land acquisition is the first step in real estate development. It involves identifying and purchasing land that is suitable for development. The location, size, zoning, and potential use of the land are essential factors to consider during the land acquisition stage. At Fullwiler Construction, we have an experienced team that can help identify the right land for your development project.

Feasibility studies are conducted to determine the viability of a real estate development project. The study evaluates the costs and benefits of the project and identifies potential challenges and opportunities. Our team at Fullwiler Construction can help you conduct a feasibility study to determine if your project is financially and strategically feasible.

Zoning is the process of determining how a piece of land can be used. It involves local government regulations that dictate the type of structures that can be built on the land. Our team at Fullwiler Construction is knowledgeable in zoning regulations and can help you navigate the process.

Planning and design involve creating a vision for the development project and designing structures that meet the project's needs. At Fullwiler Construction, we have a team of architects, engineers, and designers who can help bring your vision to life.

Construction is the process of building the structures that were designed during the planning and design stage. At Fullwiler Construction, we have a team of experienced construction professionals who can manage the construction process to ensure it is completed on time and within budget.


Real estate development is a complex process that requires a knowledgeable and experienced team to execute effectively. At Fullwiler Construction, we have the resources and expertise to help you successfully navigate each stage of the development process. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your real estate development project.

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