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Fullwiler Construction specializes in designing, developing, and building investment properties that work for you.

Having developed our own multi-family and single family properties we have years of experience for you to leverage when designing your portfolio.

As an investor, you can rest assured that not only do we understand the development process you will be going through, but we can speak the investor language as well.


Why choose FC for your Investment Build? 

The beauty of doing a real estate investment build, is that investors do not have to be onsite or even in state during the construction phase. We know investors are commonly not local and we can work with any method of communication to keep you updated on the projects, such as online meetings or photo updates.

As with all other types of projects, we want to ensure all clients are satisfied and their needs are met. Market conditions are constantly changing so you need a contractor that can adapt to your goals. Investors can have a lot of different expectations with a project, so we understand flexibility is key and are prepared to ensure all parties involved are satisfied. 

Whether it’s residential or commercial real estate, rental properties or office buildings, consumers of your investment must be satisfied with the finished build. 

We can develop properties that are attractive for investors and consumers. Our goal is to maintain and foster our relationship so that Fullwiler Construction is your go-to contractor for all of your future investments.

Often, investors with residential or commercial projects will buy land for development, but unless you have extensive construction expertise, developing the property yourself can come at great cost, even loss of equity and return. Not understanding or adhering to the proper codes and regulations will always hurt your return. That is where out experience and knowledge help the most. We do the proper research to know all the codes so we can ensure your investment is structurally safe and meets or exceeds your expectations.


Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to investing, you and your group can place your trust in Fullwiler Construction. Contact us to begin your next investment.

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