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Ready to build a custom home, shop, or investment property? Fullwiler Construction, Inc. helps their clients with all phases of the building process including but not limited to:



Lending: We can provide lender referrals who are experienced in providing loan products for new build clients. You may have already obtained your lot, or you may want to do an “all-in-one”. Our administrative team members are experts in their field and experienced at communicating with clients and lenders. Which in turn makes for easy loan closing and easy draws.

Searching for your Dream Piece of Land: Fullwiler Construction, Inc. has a licensed WA state real estate agent on our team who is well-versed in finding and negotiating raw or developed land for their clients.

Feasibility Studies: Not all land was created equally! Usually, once a buyer has put an offer on a piece of land they want to build on, they are left feeling confused about what their next steps should be in order to research the property appropriately before their feasibility period ends. Fullwiler Construction offers a feasibility contract that you can hire us for to help you through this process.

In-House Design Team: We can help you design your dream home from scratch, make minor adjustments or alterations to plans you already love, or you can choose from OUR designs.  Our in-house design team helps every step of the way offering suggestions to create your vision within budget.

Finish Selections & Wholesale Suppliers: We have an array of suppliers who have great showrooms where clients can go touch and feel exactly what they want to put in their home. 

Permit Process: Our team is highly experienced working directly with the building and health departments and will happily do all the paperwork for you!


Cost to Build:

Once the design is completed and permits are in process/ready to issue our next step is to create a formal cost to build for your custom build.  We have a large pool of licensed, bonded, and insured trade contractors that we will send your project out to bid to ensure you're getting an accurate bid for a fair market price from a reliable company.  

We will put together all bids received and present you with a formal cost to build to create your dream home.


Construction In-Process:

After the cost to build is finalized, we have our clients sign a General Construction contract with our office, which kicks off the construction process. Once a project has begun, we feel it's extremely important for our clients to know where their project is at all times. Which is why Fullwiler Construction, Inc. has implemented an online platform called Buildertrend, which is the hub of any active project. Clients can log in at any time, from anywhere, and check their build's schedule, budget, material selections, and communicate with our team.


In addition to the online platform, we also conduct and pre-determined on and off site meetings at specific points of the construction process, allowing clients to discuss any changes they'd like to make, or simply receive a one on one update.








Final Product:

We want all our clients to move into their homes excited and thrilled, and in order to do that we need to make sure every little detail is completed to their standards. The clients and a leading team member will walk through the completed home and do a “punch list” together in order to make sure their home is picture perfect before moving in.


Warranty Included:

We want to give each of our clients peace of mind with the product they've received.  Each of our custom home builds comes with a written warranty for labor and materials.


Fullwiler Construstion Custom Home
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